Art and literature with a queer edge.                              Issue 3              Summer 2013

" All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. "
-Oscar Wilde

About Us

buy Netflix shares Wilde Magazine was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering a queer perspective on life through art and writing. We are a bi-annual publication, available in both print and digital formats.

We seek to not only offer a high-quality publication of art and literature, but to foster a communal and multimedia experience. Art and writing, culture itself, is not a mere showcase of talent, but rather a discussion.

The nature of queer life, as well as an artistic life, is one centered around community. It's essential in our creative abilities and our rise against adversity. This struggle has been documented by gay artists and writers before us, such as the very one after which this magazine is christened - Oscar Wilde.

We rely on your submissions for our success. We are nothing without the contribution of your voice to this ongoing discussion. We accept poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, and visual art. We want to showcase your talents to the world alongside like-minded individuals. We seek to enlighten others in the gay community, as well as our allies, on our diverse experiences and perspectives. Dear artists and writers, gay and straight, and everything in between - we hope that you take interest in our community, our cause, and that you would like to enter the discussion.

If you have any questions, consult the FAQ, or e-mail us at wilde.editor@gmail.com.

What We're Looking For

IQ Option We have an aim towards the LGBTQ community, but we don't solely want writing about the struggles of being a part of the community - anyone in the community knows that being queer is a strange balance between surreal abnormality and even more astounding normality - the fact that love is love, family is family, heartbreak is heartbreak, and life is simply life.

In the end, I can't tell you what we're looking for specifically because we seek something so intangible, a flow that bonds not only those in the community, but humanity in general. We seek something honest but comforting, destructive but creative. We seek to represent ourselves in the best way we know how - through art.


Where do you get your funding for the magazine? And where does that money go?

All of the money we make from Wilde comes from purchases of the magazine! We do not charge a submission fee and we do not have ads in our magazine. We are also not funded by any organizations for the time being. We get a small markup from each sale of the magazine and from individual donors/partners, so we only have enough profit for it to go back into the magazine so that we can host the website, send our magazine to reviewers, and post classifies for calls for submissions. No one on the staff has gotten a dime from the publication, as we do this for passion, not for profit.

Why do you only give digital copies to your contributors instead of print copies?

Simple: we can't afford it. If we were to purchase a print copy for every contributor, we would run out of funds for the magazine and have to shell out money from our own pockets, and most of the staff are college students who don't have an income that can support that. However, it says in our guidelines that we only offer digital copies, so people submit knowing this ahead of time.

Do submissions have to be directly related to queer topics?

cryptocurrency traders south africa No, not at all. Submissions can vary in content. Being queer does not revolve around queer issues, and we seek to accurately represent the lives and voices of the queer community. Straight allies can submit, but we really do prefer to create a space where the voices of queer people ring loudest.

What happened to the podcast?

We do hope to start up a podcast. However, we are currently too short on staff and need people involved who are skilled in audio editing. If you think you fit the bill and want to get involved with Wilde, feel free to e-mail us at wilde.editor@gmail.com.